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Kommentar fra bloggen om BBC World
04-09-2007, 23:27
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Kommentar fra bloggen om BBC World
Følgende kommentar dumpet inn i posten om BBC World.
Quote:Hei Lagde en ny tv_grab_no_gfeed.conf på min Mythtv boks for å få lagt inn BBC World. Men jeg får ikke opp valget om jeg vil ha BBC World. Ligger BBC World i [mythtv@mythpc ~]$ tv_grab_no_gfeed --configure The file at this URL describes which channels are available and where data can be found for them. Root URL for grabbing data: [] tv_grab_no_gfeed uses a cache with files that it has already downloaded. Please specify where the cache shall be stored. Directory to store the cache in: [/home/mythtv/.xmltv/cache] Select the channels that you want to receive data for. TV 1000 Action [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Al Jazeera [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Animal Planet [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes Disc: Civilization [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] TV 1000 Classic [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Discovery Channel [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes Disneychannel [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes Viasat Explorer [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] TV 1000 Family [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Canal+ Film 1 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Canal+ Film 2 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Canal+ Film 3 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Canal+ Film HD [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] TV 2 Filmkanalen [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes Viasat Golf [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Discovery HD [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Viasat History [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Canal+ Mix [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Viasat Nature/Crime [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] TV 1000 Nordic [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] NRK 1 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes NRK 2 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes NRK 3 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] TV 2 Nyhetskanalen [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes Playhouse Disney [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Disc: Science [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Showtime [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Silver [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] TV 2 Sport [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes Canal+ Sport 1 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Canal+ Sport 2 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Viasat Sport 2 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Viasat Sport 3 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Canal+ Sport HD [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] SportN [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes Star! [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes SVT 1 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes SVT 2 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes Ticket 1 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Toon Disney [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] Disc: Travel [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] TV 1000 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] TV 2 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes TV 3 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes TV 4 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes TVNorge [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes Viasat 4 [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] TV 2 Zebra [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes ZTV [yes,no,all,none (default=no)] yes [mythtv@mythpc ~]$
My bad... Glemte å oppdatere kanallista :)Skal funke nå...-C-
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